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Principle of Customer Service

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Essay title: Principle of Customer Service

Principles of Customer Service (1)

Customer service is needed in organizations, hospitals, restaurants, and businesses, practically everywhere. A lesson that I have learned in assisting customers is that the customer is always right, regardless if the customer is found in the wrong. A business has to satisfy the customer in order to continue to have a good name. Most people will tell someone about a bad experience they encountered which will affect the majority businesses. Does a business necessarily have to have customer service to be successful? How affective is customer service today?

According to Elizabeth Lunch, (2004) “Customers are important to an organization and business, because they provide the profit” (p. 1). Customer service is provided to children, family members, employers, co-workers, or people needing help in a grocery store. Essentially customer service is provided to everyone in one way or another. Lunch (2004) states, “Treat each customer as if he or she is your favorite customer. Put enthusiasm in your voice when favorite customers call you for the 75th time in a week” (p. 1). Being an office secretary, I have the opportunity to greet customers and answer the phone with a smile daily. I am normally a happy person who is willing to help anyone because I have experienced bad customer service from other offices. I have found that showing respect to others who seem to be annoying can benefit me and the customer. After all, bad customer service can ruin a business.

Most people should ask themselves, would I want to be treated this way by someone? If people will keep this in mind they will always be courteous and go that extra mile to help the customer. According to the King James Version of the Bible, in Luke 6:31, the writer says, “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them

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