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Problems with Society

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Essay title: Problems with Society

There are many problems in society today. The jails are over crowded, people are killing people for nothing but the watch on their wrist, and teens are having babies. These problems need to be accesed and handled appropriately. These problems are not only bound to a specific culture or demographic, they affect everyone.

The jails are over crowded because almost everything is crime. If you are to smoke a plant in the privacy of your home, and get cought, you are a criminal. The police in the united states are scared of their job. They shoot and ask questions later and innocent people are the ones laying on the ground.

Teen pregnancy is now common and expected. The parents are to be blamed. If a woman has good morals and parental support she would use protection or not have sex at all. This is another example of society slipping into a hole that it cannot overcome.

In Amsterdam

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