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Promotional Communication Analysis

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Essay title: Promotional Communication Analysis

Promotional Strategy

Promotional Communication Analysis

Company name: Windsor Smith

From FHM, June Edition

Word Count: 3008

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Marketing StrategyЎKЎKЎKЎKЎKЎKЎKЎK.Page 4

The Target Market & Consumer BehaviourЎKЎKЎKЎK.Page 5

The Communication ProcessЎKЎKЎKЎKЎKЎK.Page 6

Evaluating Windsor SmithЎKЎKЎKЎKЎKЎK..Page 12




The magazine advertisement chosen for this assignment was selected from FHM June 2004 edition. FHM is predominately a male magazine being the biggest selling menЎ¦s magazine in Australia and New Zealand. The chosen advertisement is a Windsor Smith advert on page 73 of FHM, a little bit less then halve way through the magazine and positioned between some of the hottest articles in the magazine.

Analysis of this advertisement suggests the Windsor Smith advertisement is positioned at male metro sexual readers, wanting to purchase exceptionally fashionable shoes for themselves.

Marketing Strategy__________________________________________

Opportunity Analysis

ЎҐMarketing opportunities are areas where there are favorable demand trends, where the company believes customer needs and opportunities are not being satisfied, and where it can complete effectively.Ў¦ (Belch & Belch 2001, p.40)

Windsor Smith has effectively seen the opportunity of marketing to the new breed of Aussie males, the ЎҐmetro-sexual-manЎ¦ 60 minute reporter Charles Wooley, describes this new male breed as ЎҐLike Sex and the City, only for blokes, they are into makeovers, make-up and moisturisers. They know everything there is to know about shirts and shoes ЎX and theyЎ¦re straight.Ў¦ FHM describes the ЎҐmetro-sexual-manЎ¦ in his mid-to late twenties, intelligent and in a professional position, he knows all the latest brands and trends, he can chose a shiraz with his risotto and tie a perfect Windsor.

Competitive Analysis

Ў§Competitive Analysis is something special a firm does or has that gives it an edge over competitorsЎЁ (Belch & Belch, p.41)

Other advertisement in the same edition of FHM includes a Julius Marlow, advertising stylish male shoes. It is not known if the marketers of Windsor Smith were aware that the Julius Marlow advertisement was to be placed in the same issue. The Julius Marlow advertisement is on a double page spread on the nineteenth page of FHM. It is informing the reader that Julius Marlow shoes, not only make the pricey male dress shoes that they are well known for. But also now make fashionable shoes similar to the shoes advertised in the Windsor Smith advertisement, similar in style and price.

The Target Market and Consumer Behaviour____________________

ЎҐTarget marketing is the process of identifying the specific needs of segments, selecting one or more of these segments as a target and developing marketing programs directed to each.Ў¦ (Belch & Belch 2001)

ЎҐConsumer Behaviour can be defined as the process and activities people engage in when searching for, selecting, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of products and services so as to satisfy their needs and desires.Ў¦ (Belch p.107)

For companies like Windsor Smith to succeed in todayЎ¦s competitive marketplace, they must be customer-centered, winning customers from competitors by delivering greater value. But before they can satisfy consumers,

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