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Psychological Effects of the Vietnam War on Gi’s

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Essay title: Psychological Effects of the Vietnam War on Gi’s

It is believed by the majority, that one of the chief downfalls of the American occupation in Vietnam was the underestimation of the resilience of the Communist Vietcong in the north. It was believed by most analysts, at the time, that the North Vietnamese could easily be brought to negotiate. President Johnson, along with most of his advisors, believed that once the North Vietnamese saw the enormous power of the U.S. military that they would ultimately capitulate. This was also the general consensus of those men that were on the front lines of the first occupation, “When we marched into the rice paddies on the March afternoon, we carried, along with our packs and rifles, the implicit convictions that the Vietcong would be quickly beaten and that we were doing something altogether noble and good.”(Hess, P. 89) This general philosophy was far from the truth. It would take over 10 years to come to this resolution; hundreds of thousands of lives lost and would ultimately cause a huge blunder on the part of the United States. Another reason for the prolonged status of the war was the unfortunate tactic the enemy had of being not easily identifiable. This development, as well as others, would turn out to have severe psychological implications for those soldiers that believed in the cause they were fighting for; to detour the spread of communism throughout Southeast Asia. Past previous wars

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