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Pursue an Mba

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Essay title: Pursue an Mba

Running head: PURSUE MY MBA

Why I Decided to Pursue My MBA

Nijnis Trebor

Dr. Boston Paleale Ph.D., D.B.A

University of California

February 1, 2007

I decided to pursue my MBA for several reasons. I have identified one as the most important, so I will discuss my primary reason.

Upon receiving my bachelor’s degree I was proud of my accomplishment, and filled with anticipation. I pictured myself solving intricate problems in the arena of my chosen specialty. My colleagues would be impressed and amazed at my technical acumen. I imagined I would be heralded as one who is a true expert in my field. Accordingly, when questions would arise, my opinion would be valued and my co-workers would seek my counsel.

While I am considered by many to be good at what I do, and some people may even think I am an expert in my field, I am not satisfied. My dissatisfaction is caused by one thing. My colleagues do seek my advice on technical matters, yet I am rarely included in policy discussions that are not within my narrow field of expertise. Thus decisions are often made which affect me without my knowledge or input.

I believe my opinions on matters such as customer relations, communication policies and standards of performance should be given the same merit as my thoughts on technical questions. This is especially vexing since many of the people who are included in these policy meetings are, in the opinion of this researcher,

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