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Why Pursue an Mba?

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Essay title: Why Pursue an Mba?


Why Pursue an MBA?

The decision to pursue a master of business administration (M.B.A.) is a task worth sincerely contemplating. It can be an effective tool to enhance or advance one’s career if carefully researched career goals are considered. Moreover, an M.B.A can assist a person in becoming a more effective leader by acquiring an array of management tools, learning theories, and communication skills (Levy). It can also provide a broader exposure to the business world depending on the program chosen.

Ultimately, my decision to pursue the M.B.A. came from the desire to sharpen my managerial skills and learn new management tools. My undergraduate degree is in chemical engineering, which focused more on technical skills required for the workplace. I currently work for a global company whose focus is providing specific chemicals to the steel industry while being service oriented. An M.B.A. is looked upon highly within the company as an effective business tool. Quaker Chemical views management services as a comprehensive way to help its customers achieve the maximum value by using its products in the most effective way (Quaker Chemical). To become a productive member and advance within the company, it is essential to have additional skills that require an aptitude for business and management on a global level.

Furthermore, an M.B.A can enhance the skills I have already acquired in the workforce to make me a more effective employee and manager. My goal is to build upon my current leadership and communications skills, and to sharpen my abilities in logical analysis and decision-making from the management perspective. The University of Phoenix can help me achieve the goals and help me identify resources available that may have otherwise gone

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