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Racial Classification

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Essay title: Racial Classification

Racial Classification

Black, white, orange, green or purple? What is the difference? The way I look at it is if everyone in the world was colorblind then we wouldn’t know if other people were different colors or not. “If we stop obsessing on race, people may actually become colorblind” (Blumner). Almost every battle in our history was started because of some sort of racial controversy. From the 1800’s to present day theses battles have occurred especially the one of September 11, 2001.

Now to the question at hand: Should racial classification for statistical data be used at Concordia College? I feel that it can be used. I don’t say I think it should definitely be used because it needs to be done on a professional level and for the right statistics. When different companies, schools or even communities use racial classification for statistics they go too far and get to a point where problems are presented. The data should be very limited and just letting people know the numbers of different races and no further.

During my sophomore year of high school I became very close friends with an African American who was in many of my classes. In getting so close I soon learned that

the both of us had many qualities in common. I think it was at that time that I truly learned really how much color doesn’t matter. “Genetically people are 99.9% alike” (Blumner). That .1% that we are not alike is the color of our skin. That’s my personal opinion.

In our world today it is impossible to stop racial discrimination or racial classification. Some people are just born with the stubbornness of being racist and others become that way from an event they saw or the way they are brought up. These people then shut them self out from every other race and hate against them.

I feel some of the racial problems that occur start with people themselves. Some people are very self-conscience of who they are and what they look like. If people went around not caring

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