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Racial Prejudices

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Essay title: Racial Prejudices

Racial Prejudice

What is prejudice?

- set of learned beliefs and values that lead a person to be biased against other members of other groups.

-prejudices are convenient(bequem,brauchbar,passend) and inaccurate.

----> people are not seen as individuals, biased people label other people

to special groups

-prejudice is mostly based on inaccurate information about people

Prejudice originates from three common parts(these parts make up a prejudiced belief):


-a very broad , simple statement about a group of people

-here is perhaps an appropriate

point to provide an example:"All catholics" or when the word "they" figures strongly

-key words for generalisations are "all" and "they"

--->generalisations are also very inaccurate

, because we are not justified in saying that all members of these group or race share the same characteristic features.

G. are unfair descriptions of people and they are mostly based on very incomplete information.

Having met one member from a different group with an extraordinary behaviour ,we often assume that all mebers of this group show this same extraordinary behaviour.


-exaggerated,often negative image of a particular group of people

-a stereotyp often contains a grain of truth , but this grain of truth is combined with an exaggerated and undue image of this group.


-there are two types of prejudices:

1.prejudice against all outsiders-->your group is the only right and proper,all other groups are excludud,other groups are portrayed as being strange and inferior.

2.prejudice against specific groups----> you are able to cope with some other groups,but you disapprove a special group of their religion-->that's why you have a prejudice against this particular group.But this kind of prejudice does not express that your religion is the best and that all other religions are worser than your own one.You are only biased against this particular religion.

---->prejudice against all other groups is called ethnocentricity

Prejudice and discrimination


-Speaking of Discrimination against a special group we mean the combination of prejudice with actions

- In this sense the word "discriminating" means that we are treating a group in a negative way.

-the effect of people are discriminated against:loss in terms of money ,housing,education

-the forms of Discrimination:

1.verbal abuse(anti-locution)--->through specific terms--->undermines their confidence-feeling of "I am not desired in this society"

2.Discrimination in jobs--->Refusal of jobs to a group-->disadvantage in terms of

jobs,income,personal decline.

3.Attack on property-->destruction of cars-->Expulsion because there is a

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