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Real Estate

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Essay title: Real Estate

Yama Rasooli

English, Period 2

December 1, 2005

Compare and Contrast Essay

This essay will compare and contrast the stories Harriet Tubman and Emancipation. These two stories were very interesting and had both similarities and differences. They will be compared by their treatment, scope, and organization.

Harriet Tubman is an adventure story about this woman who helped slaves in the 1800’s. She helped them by getting them out of the south and getting them to Canada where no one would expect they would have gone. The theme of this narrative is the importance of freedom. Emancipation is a historical photo biography about how Abraham Lincoln gets the people to accept the emancipation.

In Harriet Tubman, the author used a broad scope. The author seemed very inspired by this story and gave a lot of details in how the characters moods were and how they felt in a certain part of the story. However, in Emancipation, the author used a narrow scope.

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