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Essay title: Relationships

A major conflict I had my senior year of high school was trying to prove to my parents that I was mature enough to move away and attend college in southern California. I struggled to explain to them that college life is supposed to be spent on-campus, and if I didn’t live on campus I wouldn’t get to experience all aspects of college life. But they insisted that all 1st and 2nd year students who live on campus just end up getting drunk and the students usually end up dropping out of college, and don’t achieve anything in life. Even after my persistence of trying to show my parents that moving out and attending college would be the best thing for my education, they refused to change their minds. I went and spoke to my English professor and explained to Mr. Sullivan what my problem was. He explained to me that my parents only wanted the well- being of my future and they were taking whatever steps they had too, because they really didn’t think

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