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Respodent Letter

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Essay title: Respodent Letter

Dear editor (the student newspaper):

I am writing this letter in response to the article I just read from the school

newspaper. This article talked about the safety issues of bottled water and some standard

regulations which I did not know about before. I always assumed that bottled water I

bought from the store was perfectly safe until I read this article.

This article mentioned some sample bottles had been contaminated and possibly

could cause cancer which is astonishing news to me. Also, One-third of the brands out of

the 103 brands that at least one sample did not pass the standard by states; but on the

other hand, there were only four of the tested bottles that flunked FDA rules. I was

confused and also concerned about FDA’s attitude which is they would allowed so many

untested bottles escape to the market. Should I be worry about this report from a

consumer point of view?

I think we definitely need to do more investigation about safety issues of bottled

water. Since more than 50 percent of bottled water has not been regulated by the

government, so we don’t know how many bottles of water are unsafe. Meanwhile, I was

confused by this number which there were only four of the tested bottles did not pass by

FDA rules. How many exactly bottles have been tested out of those four bottles by FDA?

Is this mean there is only a very small percentage of bottled water unsafe, so we as

consumers don’t have to worry about it.

The school needs to ask the vendor to supply more information about different


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