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Response to Brave New World

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Essay title: Response to Brave New World

Nicenet Post

As for all rhetorical questions, this one is also very hard to answer. For this question, I will not directly state my opinion. Instead, I will bring up various point of views to enforce your own way of thinking. Mustapha Mond has a decent knowledge of what they would so call the “past.” He had brought up a very interesting point of art and beauty, and why it was sacrificed for stability. As many can say, art and beauty plays a very vital part in our everyday lives. We have art all around us. But to the World state, this “High Art” can be dangerous for them, since many forms of high art can cause instability and conflicts between people. This is a taboo to the World State, since high art represent various different ways of thinking. This is forbidden in the World State (and is enforced by daily readings of hypnopaedia,) because if different points of views of the world gets too strong, it may become counter-revolutionary. A great example of this may be the political issues in Sierra Leone a decade ago. The ideology of great revolution by the RUF against the nation’s government dramatically changed into a group of rebels killing for fun. This example may be exaggeration of the events that might occur in the World State, since everybody is brainwashed since birth, but as many are able to see, different ideologies in society is one of the major reasons for instability.

Even so, there is another very important point to keep in mind. The very basic instinct of any living creature is survival. After we

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