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Hitler’s Responsibility of World War II

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Hitler’s Responsibility of World War II

After the First World War, many collective security plans and appeasement policies were established by European nations- the League of Nations, the Stressa Front, etc… to ensure safety for the old powers, such as France or Britain, who felt insecure witnessing the rise in power of Germany, Italy, and Russia; however, the outbreak of World War II proved the weaknesses of the collective security, which were the most prominent cause to the failure of international diplomacy, and in addition to Germany’s aggression, led to the eventual outbreak of the Second World War. As an invention from the First World War, heavily supported by President Wilson of the United States, the League of Nations was formed in order to keep peace; however, the plan inevitably failed its purpose when the leading power of the world at the time, the United States, was occupied in her own domestic affairs and refused to enforce her proposals. Therefore, it is clearly observable how the League of Nations did not have the amount of power it requires to interfere in the events of violations, for example, the League of Nations did not take action when France takes over the Ruhr in 1923. Moreover, crisis in Ethiopia effectively portrayed the fears of the members that resulted in the failure of the League, as the weaker states felt indignant that they were not treated fairly by the larger powers, who only pursued to protect their own interests. While it is

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