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Rise in Elizabethan Theatre System

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Essay title: Rise in Elizabethan Theatre System

: The Rise in the Elizabethan Theatre System

I. Intro

A. Thesis Statement

II. Elizabethan Era/Time Period

A. What is Elizabethan/Who are Elizabethans

B. What was society like/Religion?

C. Queen Elizabeth's Like for theatre

III. Queen Elizabeth and the theatre

A. Why she enjoyed it

B. What type of plays she liked

C. Her involvement in theatres

IV. Theatre (brief, don't explain too much)

A. Different theatres (The Theatre, The Globe, etc.)/How they were built

B. Who went/Where they sat

C. How often there were plays/How important

D. Important Players

E. Important Playwrights

V. Players

A. Troupes

B. Edward Alleyn

C. Player

D. Player

C. Shakespeare

VI. Playwrights

A. How long it took to write a play/Collaborations

B. Marlowe

C. Henslowe

D. Ben Jonson

E. Shakespeare

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