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Robespierre Essay

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Essay title: Robespierre Essay

The French Revolution was a time in France where people wanted to do something about the Old Regime and new developed ideas. During this period, peasants and other lower-class people wanted the same rights and freedoms the nobles had. New assemblies of people were forming; trying to create laws to limit the power of the monarchy and eventually get rid of it. Jacobins, a group of radicals, became enemies of France because they were murdering the people of their own country. This is when Robespierre took control. I disagree with the statement " Robespierre was a good, virtuous, honest, and principled man. He is a hero!" I don't like the strategy he used to try to wipe out all of France's past.

Robespierre was a Jacobin, a type of radical who wanted to modernize France and get rid of the monarchy. He also wanted to erase all nobility. He wanted to unite the people and figured he could do this by forcing everyone to accept his idea of modernizing France. If people weren't radical enough, they would be put to death. This is definitely not heroic, a typical hero saves lives. Killing innocent people with different opinions isn't virtuous or good for France.

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