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Scientific Management

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Essay title: Scientific Management

Scientific Management also has a relationship with today’s environment because it has two advantages. Firstly, compare to the past, management is getting more scientific. How to improve production efficiency is the starting point of Scientific Management, and also is the final destination. It aims to unearth and cultivate workmen’s endowment, let them have the best performance in their work ---to obtain the highest efficiency farthest. Taylor said that the enormous increasing in production efficiency was the evident distinction to differentiate which a nation was civilized one or not. Moreover, it is the huge progressive emblem of human’s community. To change the production efficiency, he focused on management and labor. It based on “co-operation between the management and workers” (4) close together. The most quick and effective way is to import scientific analyses and knowledge into management practice, using scientific method instead of experienced way in various categories of work. “Bring everyone’s production efficiency into full play to accomplish maximum profit.”(5)For example, nowadays in the situation of teem of two workers in the factories, the fact is clearly identical. To understand that a worker and his helper, their workmanship become a extraordinary skill .The worker and his helper can produce two TV sets in one day, meanwhile, their competitor and helper can only produce one. After selling, the worker and helper can earn more money; the management can make more profits. In the same way, two competitive companies, different areas in a country, even between two nations, they will have the same situation while they in the same competitive market. In any case, maximum profit can only be occurred when the production efficiency is maximized. And Scientific Management is a better medium to increase production efficiency (6).

Secondly; it created a revolution in the inner world of labor and management. The change in the mental world is absolutely necessary if management try to control more efficacious. “Scientific Management's routine characteristic is in harmony, but not in discord.”(7) The most important point in each element of Scientific Management is the labor and capital closely co-operated; peaceful coexistence, but not struggle; show love and respect instead of quarrel and conflict; take a identical target instead of proceed in opposite directions; to understand and trust each other instead of to be envious; let the labor and capital become friends instead of opponents. (8) These are the essence of Scientific Management. “To co-operated, but not to be individualism.”(7) Taylor placed emphasis on the capital need to respect, show consideration and feel sorry for labor; eliminate the uneasy factors in a work conditions; make workers feel happy during working hours. He believed that management and worker can be co-operated because of they could agree with each other for making profit. Higher wages is the only target of labor. Capital wants to seek out the way to achieve minimum capitalized cost. Taylor deemed that if capital and labor can agree with him, and makes the mental revolution happen afterwards, thus they can sign the productivity agreement and then pay more attention on how to increase the surplus rather than argue about the distribution of surplus make, until the surplus make is big enough. Anyway, it is the first time to treat a worker like a human being, but not a tool as machine does; the first

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