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Should Teenagers Have Access to Birth Control?

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Essay title: Should Teenagers Have Access to Birth Control?

Should Teenagers Have Access To Birth Control?

Over time, the issue of whether or not teens should have access to birth control has been debated. Parents, teachers, church groups, doctors, and even the government have all had a say in the discussion. There are some who oppose birth control for teens. However, there are those who believe that having birth control as an option is the only choice.

Republican Senator Glen Grothman of West Bend, Wisconsin is trying to block teenagers from receiving birth control from state funded women’s health programs. He claims that the birth control program “is recruiting young girls into promiscuous lifestyles, and called it offensive and un-American.” However according to new nationally representative data published in the (Journal of The American Medical Association), roughly one in five teenagers would have unsafe sex if their parents had to be notified when they got birth control at a family planning clinic. Researchers surveyed more than 1,500 female adolescents under age 18 seeking sexual health services including contraception, at publicly funded family planning clinics in 33 states. They found that three in five parents already knew about their teenager’s clinic visit, typically because their teen told them about it or their parents suggested it. However, among those whose parents were unaware, 70% would stop coming to the clinic and a quarter would continue to have sex but would either rely on withdrawal or not use any contraception. Only 1% of all teens surveyed said they would stop having sex.

One of the key concerns with teenagers using birth control is the health risks involved with the usage of oral contraceptives. During the late 1980’s, some researchers believed that there may be a link between oral contraceptives and some cancers. However the findings of the Women’s Contraceptive and Reproductive Experiences (Women’s CARE), examined the use of oral contraceptives as a risk factor for breast cancer in women ages 35-64. Researchers interviewed

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