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Six Sigma Analysis

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Essay title: Six Sigma Analysis

Six Sigma Analysis

Process improvement, using methods like Six Sigma, is essential for businesses looking to establish a competitive advantage. This plan for improvement is designed to improve productivity, enhance quality and increase competitiveness by reducing cost.

Six Sigma is lots of different things because it had different meanings over time, and also because it is now interpreted in a number of varying ways. Furthermore, Six Sigma is still evolving. According to the UK Department for Trade and Industry Six Sigma is:

"A data-driven method for achieving near perfect quality. Six Sigma analysis can focus on any element of production or service, and has a strong emphasis on statistical analysis in design, manufacturing and customer-oriented activities"(Chapman,2005). You will gather from the definitions and history of Six Sigma that many people consider the model to be capable of leveraging huge performance improvements and cost savings.

Why the word 'Sigma'? The word is a statistical term that measures how far a given process deviates from perfection. The central idea behind Six Sigma is that if you can measure

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