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Six Sigma Project Report Template

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Essay title: Six Sigma Project Report Template

Six Sigma Project Report Template

On-Line Green Belt Program at The University of Michigan

Instructor Comments

• The following template presents a guideline for preparing a Six Sigma written project report. Your report should be similar in organization and contain similar headings. Subheadings and length of each section will obviously vary based on your findings and writing style.

• The italic text in this template is instructional and should not be written in the actual report. The nonitalic text presents examples of the kinds of text you might or should include in your report. The example in this template is based on a case study from Six Sigma: The Breakthrough Management Strategy Revolutionizing the World's Top Corporations by Mikel Harry, Ph.D. and Richard Schroeder, 2000. Note that some of the example text appears on separate pages within the template.

• Some of the information in the examples in this template is vague because of lack of source information. However, your report should be as specific as possible, including details and data that reflect your case.

• The information in your report should follow the Six-Sigma Problem Solving Methodology DMAIC. This includes a description of the project, key points in the problem-solving process, and detailed support for your conclusions and any recommendations. The final report should be approximately 3-6

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