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Smoking in Public Places in Nys

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Essay title: Smoking in Public Places in Nys

The Clean Indoor Air Actis a policy that doesn't allow smoking in public areas, such as restaurants and bars.The act was passed last year by the government to ensurethe safety of non-smokers. Many people debate whether or not the Clean Indoor Act should be kept or revoked. The Clean Indoor Act is helpful to non-smokers and should be kept.

The law should be kept because the government's intent was to protect the lives of the citizens and keep them out of harm from second-hand smokeing. After having the law in effect for a year, the government has taken some statistics to see how well or how bad it was working. The first set of data taken was at a local hospital, to see the number of heart attack victims. The final result of the survey showed a fifty percent decline in heart attacks in the last year since the law was in effect. The next set of data was taken when the government stopped the ban of the Act and allowed smoking for a short amount

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