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Space Simpsons

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Essay title: Space Simpsons

Not too long ago in a town not so far away called Springfield, there lives a family. This particular family would be the Simpson family. The Simpsons are made up of Homer and Marge along with their three kids Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Homer is the typical village idiot combined with the stereotypical drunk father. Marge is a normal everyday stay at home mom and does what ever she canfor her family. Bart is a typical pre-teen kid with the ambition of pulling pranks on everyone as much as possible. Lisa is the smart one of the bunch, shes deeply into school and the saxofone. Maggie, well Maggie's just a baby.

One night while Bart is sitting in his tree house he actually takes a few moments to look up at the stars and enjoy the clear night sky. To him he seems to be almost hypnotized and wishes that one day he can become an astronaut. As he gazes into the shimmering dark he imagines himself traveling into space and being the first person on Mars. After a long while of imagining he finally falls asleep under the stars. Bart awakes the next morning to Homer screaming about winning the lottery. He tells Homer that he is excited for him and jokingly tells him that he has enough money to pay to go on a space trip. Homer then gets a brilliant idea of taking Bart on a trip to space since he knows how much Bart wishes he could be an astronaut.

As weeks go by Homer secretly plans this trip to suprise Bart. On the morning of the launch Homer lies to Bart and tells him that they are going to see the shuttle take off. Of course Homer leaves out the part that they will be in it when it does take off. Bart soons learns of the suprise and its a dream come true to him. However trouble stikes after take off. Bart and Homer get into a huge arguement that ends up getting a bit physical. During this fight Homer and Bart knock a pipe loose inside the shuttle which rips a hole in the side sending the crew into space to drift forever.

After hours of

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