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Strategic Training Plan for Improving Sales Performance

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Essay title: Strategic Training Plan for Improving Sales Performance





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Future State 4

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The purpose of this training plan is to enhance sales performance among our teller team. Tellers have participated in sales classes and workshops’ designed to provide them with product knowledge and proper sales techniques. Team building exercises have reinforced the need to work together to achieve sales goals. However, after a period of time the tellers seem to become settled into a sales routine and become bored at the prospect of having sales goals assigned to them by the company. In order to reach our goal as a company and individually it is important to become creative and develop new ways to encourage growth in this area.


The main goal of this plan is to ensure that managers are able to encourage and lead their teller team to meet the required sales goals set forth by the company, Wells Fargo Bank. This training program will provide managers with new ideas and knowledge on how to motivate their team to success. This training will also benefit the organization as a whole and create a strong team building experience. When implemented correctly this can be a powerful tool that can lead to greater employee confidence and stronger communication between team members.

In order to accomplish this task, managers will receive hands-on training with guidance and direction from skilled trainers through a series of classes prepared quarterly. Trainers will conduct these classes and help managers develop alternative ideas to help guide through the sales process. Tellers will receive the training directly from their managers in the form of organized staff meetings held monthly.

The cost of putting this program into operation will be minimal and be within the appropriate budget already allowed to each manager or bank location. The proposed training plan will require resources that are easily attainable to purchase by managers and staff. The key to ensuring the success of this program will be the support of managers and team members. Upon completion, the organization will realize short and long term goals through imaginative work practices and well trained staff.

Current State

Currently at our branch we have 10 tellers. Individually they have all met their sales goals set by the company as a whole. Tellers are given the goal of at least 45 sales per quarter. The tellers are well trained in how to sell and what constitutes as a product that will earn them sales credit. They receive a quarterly award of some monetary value according to the actual amount of sales that are achieved. There is also a district wide contest for top achievers and tellers can win incentive trips to destinations such as Hawaii and Cancun. Motivation is the key to achieving this goal and with the lack of proper inspiration and support the tellers are achieving the goal but are beginning to struggle to do so. With an encouraging new plan to promote sales production, the teller team can meet and beat the required goal while improving upon other areas in the team environment.

Future State

The organization will benefit from:

1. Increased sales of banking products by team members

2. Increased revenue for the bank as a result of higher sales

3. Team members will be given additional support from managers

4. Communication between tellers and managers will improve

5. Overall

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