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Stress Is the Enemey

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Essay title: Stress Is the Enemey

Stress is the enemy.

Why do so many working people feel stressed about so many things? Why cannot

we live our lives without it? The problem is in the person. We feel that if something is not done on time we will be blamed; and in the event, most times we will. Well guess what, if itЎ¦s not done on time, do you think stressing out about it is really going to get it done faster? Absolutely not, it will probably just cause you more aggravation and eventually you end up getting it done in less time. Stop and just do the work, half the time stress causes you to think about it, and your just wasting time. If you just sit down, do the work, you will be done in no time. Once you have completed the task, instead of stressing you get relief, which is really one of the greatest feelings of all. Or maybe you are frustrated about a problem and you really have no idea what to do. You are probably thinking this is garbage, what can I do, or I need to do this work now. Well address the problem first and think of ANY possible solutions for it. Stress will only make the problem ten times worse. Maybe the problem is different and you are worrying about a matter,

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