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Supply Chain Integration

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Essay title: Supply Chain Integration

How will information technology help logistics integration? Using the technology we have in today's society we can look at many different things and apply them to logistics. Information is a key part of logistics the more information we have about something the better we can find a good logistical solution on how we are going to handle that information. Yet say we have a new product that is going to be released in a couple of months. We can look at what information we are getting from the manufacture and come up with a good logistical solution on how we are going to handle this product. With the internet available to use to help get the information on products and see what might be the demand on this product. We can come up with a logistical plan of action on how we are going to ship this unit, and how many units we will need to ship to each location. Then we could go to the manufacturer and see how many units they are planning to make of this product to determine how many we are going to ship to different location around the world. With just

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