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Technology and Communications

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Essay title: Technology and Communications


Technology and the “Big Brother Effect”

There is no doubt that the technological advances in recent years have changed the way we live. We are now able to talk to people in any part of the world within six seconds, we can watch events from any country such as the Olympic Games live on television screens in our own living room’s, we can even have interactive video conversations through as small a device as a mobile phone. These advances have benefited millions of people worldwide but we have reached a stage where it is now time to stop and think of what is happening to us as a result of all this automation and modernisation; we are becoming over-dependent on electronic devices to carry out simple tasks, we are becoming less and less aware of people and activities in our own communities, even family activities are gradually becoming a thing of the past.

When George Orwell wrote his acclaimed novel “Nineteen Eighty Four” in 1949, even he would be surprised at how things he wrote then would become part of society 60 years on. Results of the “Big Brother” effect which he predicted in his novel are now to be seen frequently in our daily newspapers. With the crime rate in Ireland, particularly the alarming increase in burglaries, home-owners are becoming more and more worried. Thousands of people are investing in high-tech security systems to protect their houses from being burgled. With S.S.I.A.’s still maturing at the moment, electronic gates, high fences, motion sensors and C.C.T.V. cameras in particular are popping up in communities around the country. These systems are installed to deter

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