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Technology and Management Functions Paper

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Essay title: Technology and Management Functions Paper

Technology and Management Functions Paper

Technology is a general term for the processes by which we use a combination of tools, machines, computers, knowledge and skills, to increase our control and understanding of the material environment. Technology has a significant impact on the way we live and work. Evolving technologies substantially change the way work is done and enable a wide range of processes that were not possible before. We all need to understand the impact of technology in the workplace, especially on the organization and in management. Having reliable technology, is now a necessity in the workplace, for running a successful business. Although technology is constantly changing and improving, it has become an important part of running an efficient business today. In this paper I will discuss hoe technology has been used to support each of the key functions of management; planning, organizing, directing and controlling. I will also discuss how technology supports the management function in each case, as well as challenges to management functions that may arise from the use of this technology.

No business should be without a plan in case business is disrupted. In my department at American Express, a plan is devised, one that guards against business disruption in case of any unforeseen events. The primary goal of using technology in the workplace is to make our job easier. Management in my department, are now equipped to track our productivity daily, this way they will be able to plan ahead, if we need to improve in order to achieve our goals. Email and messaging capabilities are often the most efficient way of sending this information to a group of our size. Challenges these technology may face would be if we do not check our emails or voice messages. A well thought out business continuity plan can mean the difference between our organizations survival and failure.

Therefore, the question you should be asking is this: Are your MANAGERS “engaged” or not? From our ongoing research, we have become convinced that too many of those in leadership positions ----at all levels---- are disengaged from their direct reports on a day-to-day basis. Too many leaders, managers, and supervisors are failing to lead, manage and supervise.

Another example of using technology for planning would be in the event of a major disaster. No company ever expects to have to deal with such a crisis, but at some point we eventually do. Our company is very well prepared ahead of time. Management prepares and develops a crisis plan. Variations of the plan are covered in the event of any emergency our company might encounter. Having a plan helps prepare, not only for extreme circumstances, but for smaller business interruptions. These plans are reviewed, on a regular basis to meet changing business needs, technologies and contact information.

We are overwhelmed with information these days; voice, electronic, and paper. Many of us find ourselves overwhelmed with emails and voice mails, but we can find a more systematic way for dealing with all levels of information, ensuring that the tools we are using are essential to helping us live a fulfilled and productive way.


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