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Essay title: Technology


In the past 100 years technology has improved greatly. There are many different inventions that have been around for long periods of time. Some of them have been change to more moderate forms of technology that are more appealing to the eye. One of the most improved intentions is the computer. It has the ability to make life easer. Some of the most important was it has done this is by making communicating to others easier via the internet, having information at your finger tips and last it has different programs to keep you entertained.

First of all communication is defined as Communication is the exchange of ideas, thoughts and messages from one person to another. The computer via the internet has made this easier by providing ways other than phone and mail. The internet has provided instant messenger, e-mail, and even web videos this also makes it cheaper and easier to connect with others from all over the world you can save time by e-mailing others. You can mail and send important documents to others and get it there faster than sending it through the U.S. Mailing Services. These things are easily accessible such as information at you finger tips.

Second of all computers supply information at your fingertips by supplying online and off line tactics that help you find things from movie times too finding things and artifacts from history. You can also use other tools online to get definitions and information on things that

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