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Tell Tale Heart Summary

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Essay title: Tell Tale Heart Summary

“The Tell-Tale Heart”

By: Edgar Allan Poe

This story starts off with a man telling you of how nervous he was and still is, then he asks you if you think he’s crazy. He then tells you a story of an old man that he was staying with and how he was always scared of his eye because it looked like a vulture’s eye. He tells you that he then began to plan his murder. Every night for a week he would go to his room at midnight with a lantern and watch him sleep. On the night that he was going to kill him ended up being the night that the old man woke up. He tried to wait until the old man fell back asleep but he couldn’t. Seeing the old man’s eye made him so angry that he threw that lantern down, screamed, and jumped on him then smothered him with the bed’s mat. He then cut the body up and buried him under the floor boards. The next morning the police came

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