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The Arts Center Professional Certificate of Curatorship

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Essay title: The Arts Center Professional Certificate of Curatorship

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To : The Arts Center – Professional Certificate of Curatorship

Re: Final Assignment

1. Introduction

2. Exhibition Topic

3. Exhibition Content

4. Exhibition Budget

5. Operational Plan

6. Funding

7. Catalogue Content

8. Publicity Plan

9. Educational Activities

10. Conclusion


As briefed by the lecturer, this is a proposal trying to convince the person in charge of the exhibition space that you have an intelligent, high quality exhibition that he/ she should support.

This proposal is aimed to send to the MTR Corporation Limited attention to Public Relations Manager, proposing to request their grant of right to set an exhibition in Hong Kong Station. MTR Corporation has been lending the public place to artists free of charge these two years in order to enhance their public image.


Mission of “Independent Curatorship Association for Kids”

The mission is to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and stimulate discussion in support of sustainable environments for children and youth in HK.

ICA for Kids is a voluntary organization with fundings from leading corporations who care about the kids in HK and accordingly the future of HK.

We truly believe this mission in line with the mission of the MTR Corporation – serving people.


This exhibition idea is dawned after reading the below survey done by UK’s International Play Association” which was translated in Hong Kong Economic Times on July 6, 05 (p. A20)

To briefly summarize the article, it stated that there would be 33 things kids should do before they are ten!

1. Roll down a grassy bank

2. Make a mud pie

3. Prepare a modelling-dough mixture

4. Collect frogspawn

5. Make perfume from flower petals

6. Grow cress on a window sill

7. Make a paper-mache mask

8. Build a sandcastle

9. Climb a tree

10. Make a den in the garden

11. Paint using hands and feet

12. Organise a teddy bears' picnic

13. Have a face-painting session

14. Bury a friend in the sand

15. Bake some bread

16. Make snow angels

17. Create a clay sculpture

18. Take part in a scavenger hunt

19. Camp out in the garden

20. Bake a cake

21. Feed a farm animal

22. Pick some strawberries

23. Play Pooh sticks

24. Recognise five bird species

25. Find some worms

26. Cycle through a muddy puddle

27. Make and fly a kite

28. Plant a tree

29. Build a nest from grass and twigs

30. Find ten different leaves in the park

31. Grow vegetables

32. Make breakfast in bed for mum and dad

33. Create a mini assault course in the garden

HENCE, we would curate an exhibition inviting 100 kids (under 10) of Hong Kong to show/ exhibit what they love to do with their hands. Drawing may be one of the things they love most.

Suggestion to Exhibition

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