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The Effects of Cell Phone and Our Lives

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Essay title: The Effects of Cell Phone and Our Lives

The effects of cell phone and our lives

Cellular phone is a technology that has been around for 60 years. Cell phones were primarily use to conduct business. Today, this telecommunication revolution is apparent in people’s daily lives. Good or bad, cell phones bring peoples lives together. The power of the Cell phone lies in its ability to facilitate communication between individuals, businesses, and other organizations. The advantages and disadvantages of this hand-held technology are prominent by how it keeps an individual in constant contact with one another.

Cell phone is a major part of many people’s lives. It gives an individual a better opportunity to communicate. Parents are able to keep contact with their children before and after school. A forgotten item on a shopping list or a missed appointment is a phone call away. Long distance communication cost less with the use of cell phone. In addition, loved ones can communicate on their cell phone all at the same time. Cell phone is an effective tool in a workplace. Business travelers can communicate with the workplace at any time. Some Cell phones are able to synch with a person’s calendar, emails and contacts. Voice mail, call forwarding and call waiting are also efficient features in managing their business calls. Cell phones are very useful in an emergency situation. Just imagine being a stranded motorist on the side of the road or lost with no means of getting directions. A cell phone provides an individual the security and convenience he or she seeks.

There are disadvantages in owning a cell phone. Cell phones are known to transform private conversion to a public announcement. A person standing at a check out counter can be easily tuned in to a conversation by someone standing next to them. Some

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