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The Expansion of Cultural Diversity in Canada

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Essay title: The Expansion of Cultural Diversity in Canada

The Expansion of Cultural Diversity in Canada

Canada is one of the most desired countries in the world to live, agreed upon by it's citizens and chosen by more immigrants each year; marketed by its experience with diversity and stressing its selling points such as; its outstanding reputation as being open, peaceful and caring, its tenants reflect a cultural, ethnic, and linguistic framework that is found nowhere else in the world. Canadians are one of the most loved individuals in the world. Well recognized for their prohibitive value on tradition, order, and historical continuity and distinguished by the importance placed on group interests, rather than individual. Canada has created a distinctive and enduring pattern all there own of their political culture. Its politics are driven by patronage, influence, and an active government, serving a multicultural society with a bilingual basis, favorably received by citizens and immigrants alike.

Canada has fought through war and cultural domination for sovereignty, standing behind their strong belief in the good for all, while respecting the diversity of their people. The values of their heritage are evident in their political culture, based on polices of bilingualism and multiculturalism. However Canadian values and characteristics are continually changing over time in their attempt to compete with other industrialized countries. The facets of the Canadian identity while distinguishable have faced much controversy. The question of cultural retention in relation to the notion of national unity is just one of many debatable issues, which threaten the once thought solid foundation that the country was built upon. Therefore a more in-depth evaluation of the policy of multiculturalism is being called for, in hopes of ending any repercussion that continues to persist and to secure our nation as we have come to know it for future generations to come.

Multiculturalism is the belief that ethnic customs and cultures should be valued, preserved and shared. Canada developed a policy based on the framework of this belief, in the context of their citizenship, economic and political integration. Canadians have come to learn to adapt to one another, despite their differences, knowing that it is possible to stand as one and not having to divide in order to gain national power among other countries. Canada encourages all citizens to actively participate in society; everyone is accepted for who they are, centralized around the strong belief of the common good. For fact being, citizens, who are positive about their government, feel strongly about their country.

Canada must demonstrate their political commitment to the policy of multiculturalism, demonstrating by example on how it works, which will allow others to visible see the benefits of its success. Through increased knowledge and understanding of its meaning, which reflects respect for all individuals as human beings, the policy serves as an inspiration to others; such as the institutions of education. The way ahead for Canada is unclear, while multiculturalism creates a tension between duality and plurality in Canadian society, incorporating the policy into our education

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