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The Rating Systems of Canada

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Essay title: The Rating Systems of Canada

There is one main organisation which deals with the rating systems in Canada. This is the Hotel Association of Canada. This organisation has many different schemes and awards for hotels in the country of Canada. The Hotel Association of Canada supports, protects and promotes the many different hotels, bed and breakfast establishments so they can excel in today's challenging business world. For over 90 years, they have helped them to compete by building and maintaining a high profile with governments, developing innovative marketing programs, hosting events to celebrate excellence, and providing current industry information and resources. All of their activities and awards programs share a singular goal: to help their many members to be more competitive and successful.

The Hotel Association of Canada’s Hall of Fame Awards of Excellence Program was developed in 2004 with the purpose of recognizing those of its members (individuals, companies, properties) that have demonstrated significant accomplishments, exemplary leadership and tireless commitment to Canada’s lodging industry.

Awards are presented annually to the Hotel Association of Canada members in the following categories:

The Humanitarian Award:

Given for individuals and programs that demonstrate to residents that the individual property is responsive to the local community.

The Human Resources Award:

Given for programs and individuals that develop a climate conducive to new and/or repeat

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