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The River Runs Through It Essay

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Essay title: The River Runs Through It Essay

Paul and Norman grew up in the same household, with the same values, but from their fishing styles, to their jobs and educations, to their social lives, their differences amount to those of night and day. While boys, young in age and mindsets, Paul and Norman learned to fish from Mr. Maclean. This factor had vast significance because, in this preacher’s family, a clear line between fishing and religion had no presence. Mr. Maclean taught his sons the conventional four-count.

As Paul matured, he converted, from using the common four-count, to something a bit more innovative, shadow casting. The technique wasn’t the only thing he altered. He also caught fish for quality, which leaked with palpability when he told Norman he aspired to catch the most prevalent fish in the river. Another exceptionally nontraditional detail about Paul’s fishing has to deal with the fact that he took incredible risks. This trait had particular obviousness when he went into the rapids in order to catch the fish of his dreams.

Traditionalistic in his fishing style, unlike his brother, Paul used the four-count all of his life. Paul slightly stunned him when he when changed to shadow casting. Another difference in their fishing is, Norman caught for quantity, and he never tried to catch a big fish. He just got any fish that came to his line. Also, Norman took great caution while at the river; he stayed close to shore any time he fished. He even had a little resistance when Paul told him to step farther out in order to catch more fish.

Tremendously nontraditional describes Paul’s fishing, but when it came to his job and education, traditionalism ruled. He, along with a great majority of children his age went to public schools. Not very many kids got home schooled. During mid teens, Paul chose to work as a lifeguard so he could hit on all of the girls. When time came to pick a college, Paul chose to go to a community college. Later in life, Paul pursued journalism for a local newspaper. Overall, the one thing that made his job and education so traditional includes the act that he never strayed far from Missoula.

Norman took the nontraditional route in education and profession. As a youngster, he got home schooled, so while his friends and brother enjoyed playing around and having peers in their learning environments, Norman had to stay inside and learn from his father’s teaching. While Paul worked as a life guard, he cut trees. When time came to go to college, Norman went in the north. After college, Norman came home for a while to visit his family and old friends. This break ended when he took a job as a professor. This surprised many people upon hearing this news because most of those born in Missoula, stay there all of their lives.

Yes, as far as jobs and education go, Paul had traditionalistic qualities, but still we will say

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