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The Short Story online

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Essay title: The Short Story online

And...there goes Roy. Aidan quirks a brow at his friend's sudden vanishing act. "Wonder what got him riled up, then..." Shrugging, he lightly jabs at Jonquil's back, effectively "slaying" her if she does nothing to stop it. "That's the price ya pay for turnin' ya back on a forest bandit!" Of course, he doesn't notice the prefect, cause he's too busy being a crazy forest bandit and all that.

:waves his sword in the air, and lets out a triumphant cry. "Let it be know that on this day, evil was forever slai--huh?" He throws a glance over his shoulder, and catches sight of the prefect at Jonquil's warning. Yikes! After pulling out his wand and flicking his wrist, the sword becomes a harmless old rose. La la la. Pocketing his wand, he offers a cheerful wave to the prefect as the older student passes by sulkily, apparently not paying them too much mind. Well, except for a pointed stare at Aidan's casually-tossed-aside textbook and Jonquil's tie-belted waist. Then he moves on. "Well, that was close, huh?"

:laughs, casting a glance towards his assortment of flowers. "Nah, I was, um, tryin' to charm them," he says, pawing a bit embarrassedly at the ground with the toes of his shoes. "I was fixing to try and get them to sing or play music or something. For this gi--um, just for fun, ya know. So far, the results haven't been that great." To prove this, he points his wand at the rose in his hand and mutters something. "Brrrraaappp!" The rose promptly /belches/, then lets out an angry slew of curse words.

:grins, then tosses the rose to the side. When it hits the ground, Aidan and Jonquil are treated to more angry swearing. "Aye, maybe that's what it is. Or maybe it's just not all that thrilled with havin' been turned into a sword and banged around and whatnot." Shrug. "I'll figure it out. Or I'll just, uh, give the girl in question swearin' flowers. Can't very well go askin' someone how to make flowers /sing/ without lookin' like a damn fool, no?"

:flicks his wand, and the rose falls silent. "Hmmm...she'd prolly find it amusing, yeah," he says, giving his head a little nod. "Arwen, in Ravenclaw, by the way. Notta' big secret or nothing. 'N it's not her birthday, it's just um." He blushes a little. "I asked her out, and she said that if she commits to a guy it's gotta' be one who /wows/ her. Not sure what she meant...I figured singin' flowers would be a good start?" Laughing this off, he shrugs, "Unless ya, bein' a lass 'n all, think there's

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