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Theorist Summary

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Essay title: Theorist Summary

u03d2 Theorist Summary

• Why do you feel most aligned with this theorist or theory of psychology?

I have chosen Carl Rogers as the theorist whom U feel most aligned with. Rogers theory, often referred to as Rogerian therapy, seeks to respond to clients in their immediate realm of being or their “immediate conscious experience”. (Rogers1977) described his therapy approach as one that would remove barriers or limitations so “normal” growth and development can take place and the client can become independent and self-directed. This has bee a practice of mine since entering the field of psychology, more specifically, children’s counseling. I enjoy the observation of the individual in order to understand where that person is at that time. This allows me to understand the impacts of their immediate surroundings and happenings and to effect a positive change, if necessary. Rogers” person-centered” therapy approach also includes the client as the means to an end of his/her own problems. I have noticed with the children I counsel that they have taken on the burdens of the world around them which causes them to be stressed beyond their understanding. By understanding their individual scenarios I am better able to help them decipher which direction to talk based on their own beliefs and ideologies.

• How do you perceive this theory as applicable for the work you want to do upon graduation?

I should be able to utilize the Rogerian approach regularly as I counsel youth and adults. Children tend to be more apt to disclose up front during counseling whereas adults typically have to be primed for information. I really enjoy working

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