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Time of President Jackson

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Essay title: Time of President Jackson


By definition a president is defined as the highest executive officer and chief of the united states. President Jackson was the seventh president of the united states and was also called the " common man's president." President Jackson was not a normal president. Unlike all presidents before him Jackson was not interested in balls or fancy suits or anything. Jackson's main concern was about restoring the peoples government, bringing it back the way it should be. Regardless of the fact that Jackson lost his first election, when Jackson was finally elected his first decision was to remove about 700 hundred clerks and replace them with loyal democrats and campaign workers. Jackson could have done whatever he wanted and it would have been approved by anyone. Jackson was voted in by popularity and no matter what his decision was, the common people always agreed to it. Andrew Jackson's opinion on government was the same as Thomas Jefferson's theory, which was that a government is best which governs least. Since the government had seem to fallen into the hands of bankers, owners of corporations, and wealthy people. One of his first acts of being president was changing the rules of voting. Before his time the only people that were allowed to vote were wealthy people with land. As the common people's president Jackson wanted everyone to be able to vote, which indeed he did now any American citizen that owns even a little bit of land was able to vote. Jackson also had a strange but strong view against the national bank. When Congress passed the bill renewing the bank's charter in July 1831, Jackson vetoed it. Jackson felt that getting rid of such things in the government would restore the government back to a simple republic. After Jackson's reelection Jackson withdrew all of the government deposits and placed them into several dozen state banks. As a result of these transactions state banks were able to print paper money, then as a result the price of land increased and to lower the price Jackson was forced to introduce the Specie Circular which made people pay for public land in gold and silver which also

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