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Tm 583 Strategic Management of Technology

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Essay title: Tm 583 Strategic Management of Technology

TM583 Strategic Management of Technology

Case Study Assignments

As noted in the syllabus, there are two written case study assignments for this course. All case assignments are due on the Sunday ending the week. Submissions, in Microsoft Word format, can be posted in the Drop box. Use the following convention for naming your file:

Case ##-# [LASTNAME] for example: Case II-9 Smith

Case II-8: The PC Desktop Videoconferencing Systems Industry in 1998

Part #1: Why did Intel enter the DTS market? What were its objectives? How do you evaluate this initiative from strategic perspective? Be sure to support your comments.

Part #2: Identify and evaluate key elements of Intel’s approach to develop its business in the DTS market. How successful has Intel been?

Due: Sunday ending Week 3

Case III-5: Innovation at 3M Corporation (a)

Part #1: How does the Lead User research process differ from and complement traditional market research methods?

Part #2: Has the Medical-Surgical team applied the Lead User research process successfully? Why or why not? Be sure to support your conclusions.

Due: Sunday ending Week 6

How to Prepare your Case Analysis

Each case study will follow this sequence:

• Read the assigned case study

• Each student submits an individual analysis of the case. The analysis will cover questions or provided above.

• Papers should be at least three, but no more than five, double spaced pages in length.

• Assignments should be submitted before Sunday, 10pm CST of the week the paper is due. Papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word format and posted to the Drop Box set up on the course site for each assignment.

• Instructor posts grades in the course Grade Book by the following Wednesday. Feedback is returned to the student by Saturday

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