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Toyota Motor Corporation

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Essay title: Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation

Table of Contents

Table of Contents ii

1. Introduction 1

1.1. History 2

2. Financial Information 3

2.1. Financial Analysis 3

3. Mergers and Acquisitions 4

4. Competition and Foreign Interests 5

5. Future Expectations 5

6. Conclusion 6

References 7

1. Introduction

Toyota, which is known as Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the most exciting names in the automobile industry today. Toyota is one of the most competitive companies globally and has enjoyed a record setting success in the last few years. In the most recent years, the global automobile industry has been plagued by high gas prices, and tougher environmental protection laws. Like all automobile manufacturers, Toyota has had its work cut out for them, but to no avail they have been one of the most successful companies to date. Toyota has also been one of the industries leaders in developing new and innovative technologies that take advantage of the industries current hurdles. One of the most impressive things about this company is the scale, and the global footprint that they currently manage. “…Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world’s representative automobile manufacturers, producing vehicles in 26 countries and regions and marketing vehicles in more than 170 countries and regions. In fiscal 2006, on a consolidated basis Toyota provided close to eight million vehicles to customers around the world under the Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu, and Hino brands. Toyota had more than 280,000 employees at the end of fiscal 2006” (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2006). One of the most challenging problems the industry has faced in the recent years has been stable sustainable growth, and Toyota has taken this challenge to heart. Toyota has plans to manufacturer, “…cars that reflect the needs of customers and society, Toyota will target sustainable growth and contribute to the development of the automobile industry” Toyota Motor Corporation, 2006). There is no doubt that this company will achieve these goals in the future, and it is expected that they will do it with record success just as they have done in the last decade. (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2006).

1.1. History

Toyota Motor Corporation was officially established in 1937 as Toyota Motor Co, even though the company had produced its first vehicle, the G1 truck in 1935 and their first production model, the AA model passenger car in 1936. (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2006) Toyota dates back all the way to 1918 when, “Sakichi Toyoda established Toyoda Spinning & Weaving Co” (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2006). The original name was Toyoda, but the name was changed before the company went public, because Toyota was believed to be a luckier name than Toyoda. (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2006) By 1947 Toyota had produced more than 100,000 vehicles domestically, and the production of their second model hit the assembly lines. (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2006) The most amazing thing about Toyota is the early global impact they established in the mid 1900’s. Toyota established Ho Tai Motor Co, in Taiwan in 1949, Abdul Latif Jameel Import & Distribution Co. in Saudi Arabia in 1955, Toyota Motor Sales Co. in Thailand in 1957, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. Inc, in 1957 and Toyota Motor Sales Australia Ltd., in 1959. (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2006). This Toyota’s early out of the box thinking has led to , “… producing vehicles in 26 countries and regions and marketing vehicles in more than 170 countries and regions” (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2006). The most exciting thing about Toyota’s history is how involved they have been in future technologies. Toyota introduced its first Hybrid System in March of 1997, and sales reached 100,000 by March of 2002 (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2006). Toyota is known by some as the founder of hybrid vehicles, and it wasn’t long before Nissan agreed to tie with Toyota on hybrid technologies and by the end of 1999 Toyota had their own New York Stock Exchange ticker. One thing is for sure, Toyota is here to stay because Toyota has made its self well known Quality Brand Name over the world.

2. Financial Information

Toyota Motor Corporation has broken their financial records for the last few years running. After taking a good look at their Financial

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