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Vicente Fox Quezada as a Leader

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Essay title: Vicente Fox Quezada as a Leader

Vicente Fox Quezada as a Leader

In the following paper we are going to look at former President of Mexico as the leader he was or at least was suppose to be for all Mexicans and also in the business field, We will also make an analysis about the book “Fox a los Pinos” and relate this with a link the explain the leadership.

First, the book of “Vicente Fox a los Pinos” is more like a geography of former President Vicente Fox, that explains where he comes from, that his father was a son of a Irish immigrant but born in Mexico and his mother was born in Spain but her mother was Mexican, that he was born in Mexico along with his brothers and sisters, also explains that Fox was a field man which means that he lived in a ranch call “San Cristobal” that belongs to his family, this book tells you the school he assisted for elementary and high school was a Jesuit that means it was run by religion believes, also tell you that he went to college and graduate, he start to work in Coca-Cola in a very young age and became this company general manager for Mexico before he even think about politics, then after that when he was well positioned as a business man, he was ask to join a group of politicians in which Manuel J. Clouthier was the leader and soon he became a figure for Fox, this politician group belong to “Partido Accion Nacional” which was at that time the second strongest political party in Mexico and actually not so strong because the first political force was “Partido Revolucionario Institucional” which had 70 years running the country so more like was not the second political party it was the opposition party, soon he was ask to run for a congress, since he had become a Manuel’s friend and a very popular guy within this group and they had confidence in him. Then this book describes how he invited his brothers and sisters to his political campaign and how hard it was for a opposition party to get people to like your propositions and finally that he won and became a congress man, than latter he ran for a governor position that he also won and became the governor of Guanajuato state so his popularity was every time bigger and stronger, he did an excellent job in both cases, as a congress man and as a Governor of Guanajuato, and because of that and his boost in popularity he decided to run for the presidency of Mexico, and all his political party “Accion Nacional” supported him since they knew back then that if they have a chance to win over the “revolucionario Institucional” Fox was the only hope, he was popular and he was people (I mean he was part of the majority), at least that was he shown back then, so he ran and once again he won and he made history by becoming the first ever president of Mexico after 70 years that does not belong to “revolucionario Institucional” and his was an opposition to that political party. At first he did a lot of promises that at the end he was not able to accomplish and to tell you the truth we expected a lot more from him that what he did, but still is good because this showed us the change and democracy in a country where it did not existed.

Now, the difference about being a manager and a leader is huge, for a manager the main aim is to maximize the output of the organization through administrative implementation, doing the following functions:

• Organization

• Planning

• Staffing

• Directing

• Controlling

In the other hand leadership is just one important component of the directing function, but in the case of former president of Mexico Vicente Fox, it was suppose to be easy, a peace of cake, he was a very highly skilled manager who had abilities for all the functions and was extremely popular with all Mexico, what else can anybody ask for, it was like a dream for him, he was some like a hero for all Mexicans.

Back to the managers difference with the leader, the managers think incrementally and the leaders think radically, so it means that managers do the things right and the leaders do the right thing, also it is suppose that a leader is more emotional than a manager, this is because a leader is the one who looks for his people well being and not for his personal well, so to run a country you must look for your country well being and also for your country progress, or profit as if it was a company, for example if you only care about people in a country, you can give them food, house, education etc.. and the people will love you but if you only give away and not get anything you will get poor, and the country will suffer hunger

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