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Views of Freedom Between the Franklins

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Essay title: Views of Freedom Between the Franklins

Views of Freedom Between the Franklins

Benjamin Franklin was a boy born in the colonies in Boston. He worked for his brother in a newspaper company and did many things in his life. He was the governor of Pennsylvania and he was a successful business man in the news paper industry he was also an inventory and finder of electricity. Now his son William grew up a little nicer then his father he did have to grow up with his step mother who did not like him since he was a not her own and a basterd. William joined the army at a young age he enjoyed it very much and was one of his greatest accomplishments to himself. He was also a governor of New Jersey he stayed there until he was forced to resin later in his career (skemp).

Benjamin Franklin is one of the founding fathers of the Constitution. He is a great politician, business man, inventor, and father. He at first in his career he believed that one of the ways that the colonies were going to survive was if they stayed loyal to the British. Without the British he believed that the colonies would fail. Benjamin started out as a business man and went to an inventor were most people know him as the one who discovered electricity. After that he went on to be a politician and soon governor of Pennsylvania. Even during the stamp acts and the tea acts he was close to his son and had ties with England. When he was a young business man he had secret societies just to help out the city of Philadelphia (skemp pg. 10) He was very determined man to get done what he thought had to get done and he never saw himself supporting the

detachment of the colonies from England. He kept very close ties with his son practically his whole life even though they had the same ideas they slowly started to separate because William was planning on staying with England and Benjamin was leaning toward total freedom and independence from England. He, when he was in England, was all for the idea of taxing paper he thought it was a great way to make there money back after the war they fought against France. After seeing the Revolution slowly takes form and after things like the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Part he was into the idea of total freedom. Benjamin had the idea of all man could vote and have religious freedom and do pursue whatever it is that they wanted to. Later on he also is the head of the postal department and he wrights a book called "Hints for a Desirable Union"(skemp pg. 111). Benjamin Franklin went to London and France many times that is how he got his reputation up. While he was inventing at his get away house he had many people with the same ideas as him come by and talk that is how he got out of retirement and went back to help start the Revolution. He helped with the finical support form France and appointing General Washington. Most of all help write the Declaration of Independence and sign it (skemp pg.145). He had some very good views on freedom and helped write what we use today. He and his son only wanted the best for the colonies and they thought that both there ways were going to work in the end they both might have but Williams's side did lose and he was sent to jail (skemp pg.3). While Benjamin side won and if he would have lost then he would have been executed by the English witch before he was so close to he was considered a traitor to the home country and England would have none of that.

William Franklin was the son of Benjamin Franklin and as a young boy grew up with his father's wife and his step mother. She did not like William all that much and did

Not treat him the way she would treat her own son. None the less he grew up with the benefits that his father did not have. When he was young he joined the army and that just so happened to be one of his greatest prides and accomplishments that he did in his life (skemp pg.22). He had all the right schooling he even went to London to get further education. He was like his father ambitious, but he did not like the news paper industry anymore then his father liked his fathers candle making. During the army he realized he could not make a successful career in the army so he went back to his father. He helped him out he even helped him out with his inventions with electricity(skemp pg.186). He did not like it as much as his father, but he did like to help him out. When his father got sick in London he took over his spot and did a wonderful job and started to get the hang of being a governor(skemp pg.32). When they got back he was later taken as the royal governor of New Jersey. Before that he got married to a woman who is originally from London he brought her back to the colonies. They eventually had a kid that they ended up not taking care of that much since his father finally took Williams son Temple. For most of Temples life he was raised by and educated

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