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Violence in the Media

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Essay title: Violence in the Media

1. Once the concepts of territoriality and property development manifested, the need for security became paramount in the protection of persons and property. Theoretical foundation for security is based on assumptions and human behavior. First, humans choose pleasure over pain, and in doing so make poor decisions. Second, individuals will commit crimes when opportunity exists. Third, although crime does exist, opportunity to reduce crime can occur when measures are in place. Fourth, if appropriate prevention and intervention strategies are in place, reduction of violent crime can be accomplished. There is a specific need for security services today, and the most primary reason is for protection of one’s self. Security encompasses a wide definition to cover such areas as personal, organization or group life. Due to the increase of crime, and the strain upon public law enforcement agencies, the need for security became optimal for businesses and other groups who relied upon private security services for protection.

2. Authority of public law enforcement (police) and that of private law enforcement (security) are in many ways similar in deterring crime, but differ vastly when it comes to the protection of people, property, maintaining order, investigating crimes or keeping the peace of the general public. Whereas, private police usually safeguard business organizations, clients or groups, and enforce specific policies of such.

3. Security Management consists of three essential elements. Physical security of which refers to tangible objects. Personnel security referring to protection of an organization's employees, and Information security which refers to critical and important information to a person, organization or group. Confidential information that must be protected from illegal dissemination, transmission or in some cases retrieval.

4. Development of security services has emerged from the absolute need to protect one’s self or property. Individuals strive to be safe and secure as businesses seek to prevent loss, protect property and safeguard human life.

5. Essential elements of security consist of physical, Personnel and Information. Good physical security protects a facility and its people. Personnel security protects employees of an organization from individuals who may wish harm, and Information security protects clients from intrusion into personal and confidential

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