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Voices of Freedom Articles

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Essay title: Voices of Freedom Articles

Voices of Freedom articles.

"A Slave Describes the Middle Passage."


Indulge: To yield to the desire or whim of; pamper.

Flog: To beat severely with a log or rod.

Loathsome: Repulsive or disgusting.


This article is about a slave who was kidnapped and brought onto a slave ship. He didn't know where he was. They put him below deck with many other slaves, and it smelled horrible. Some of the slaves managed to commit suicide, and if it weren't for the crew stopping them, everyone else would have too because of the terrible conditions.

"A Slave's Support For the Patriots."


Grievance: A circumstance regarded as just cause for protest.

Unredressed: Cannot find.

Wanton: Immoral or unchaste; lewd.

Sway: To move or cause to move back and forth with a swinging motion.


This is a poem. It is about slavery and how it affected many African Americans. And also it was about how African Americans were kidnapped from Africa and forced into a life of slavery they didn't want.

"A Question of Slavery in the West."


Unmolested: Still pure, un-tampered with.

Integrity: Strict personal honesty and independence.

Concession: The act of conceding.



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