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Volunteer Project

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Essay title: Volunteer Project

Volunteer Project

The organization that I volunteered for was Communities Helping Communities. This organization reaches out to the surrounding counties in times of disaster and they also help other organizations to rebuild and uplift their own community. For my service I help to collect non-perishable food items and building supplies from neighborhood businesses and churches that would be delivered to the Gallatin area that was hit by the tornadoes. I also helped to deliver the merchandise and do clean up in the neighborhood. First I was devastated by the destruction. I have never been up close in a neighborhood that was hit by a storm that was powerful enough to deliver a destruction of this magnitude. Even while watching the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on television, it did not compare with seeing houses torn apart in front of my face. The people showed strength that passed my understanding. I know I would have been devastated. These people did not show sign

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