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Walmart Paper

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Essay title: Walmart Paper


Wal-Mart is the world’s number one retailer. By diversifying into grocery, international operations and warehouse membership clubs, Wal-Mart has reached a greater opportunity for growth. However unlike some corporations whose financial growth does not necessarily create more jobs, Wal-Mart’s growth has translated into providing more jobs.

As of February 28, 2006, the Company has 1,203 Wal-Mart stores, 1,986 Super centers, 567 SAM'S CLUBS and 101 Neighborhood Markets in the United States. Not only does Wal-Mart focus on their domestic growth, they focus on their international growth. Wal-Mart is now looking to greatly expand in China. With a decade of retailing in China, a company representative stated the company is ready to aggressively multiply the number of stores, which are jointly owned by local companies. Wal-Mart currently employs 30,000 people to staff some 56 stores. Also the company plans on opening 15 to 20 stores this year, with hopes to duplicate that number the next year. With this news, Wal-Mart plans to hire 150,000 people over the next five years in China for these new stores, which is five times its current work force in China. However company representative stated it will be difficult to train because of a lack of supercenters and retail workers. This news came on Mar 20, 2006 and investors liked the news so Wal-Mart shares rose $1.07, or 2.3 percent, to close at $47.76 on the New York Stock Exchange. Its shares have traded in a 52-week range of $42.33 to $51.76.

Walmart is also making changes in its clothing section which is called the Metro 7 Line. They plan to make it more fashion orientated which will hopefully attract certain customers who only come to the

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