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War on Iraq

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Essay title: War on Iraq

War on Iraq

Since the commencement of the controversial war in Iraq, people have been looking for other solutions to the conflict. Many suggestions have been voiced, but none so much and so loudly as the suggestion of simple assassination. People do not understand that assassination is not only impossible, but also never an end to conflict. Assassination of Saddam Hussein is not a viable option to end the U.S. conflict in Iraq.

The first and main reason that assassinating Hussein is unattainable is that the U.S. has a strict policy against assassination. In a section of the order labeled “Restrictions on Intelligence Activities,” Ford outlawed political assassination: Section 5(g), entitled “Prohibition on Assassination,” states: “No employee of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, political assassination.” Even if Hussein was locatable, the U.S. cannot even hire others to assassinate him. It would be absolutely against the law. In addition, according to a former senior Special Forces officer with firsthand experience of Gulf War assassination operations, “No one can tell you we weren’t trying to kill Saddam. We were, and that’s a fact. We weren’t very good because he is a [master] at deception, and keeping his presence low-profile.” Hussein is easily smart enough to evade assassins. He has had experience doing so, and was previously successful in eluding

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