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Web Design

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Essay title: Web Design

CMPT-118 Planning the Colorado Park Web Site

Step 1: Answer basic questions about the Web Site.

Add any other information that you feel is necessary.

1. Who is the target audience?

Outdoor enthusiasts; families; school groups; vacationers to Colorado

2. How can I tailor the Web site to reach that audience?

Appeal to the families by talking about safety and family fun and memories

Show pictures of visitors enjoying the activities that the park offers.

Give information about the parks and monuments – hours of operation, cost, special programs, accessibility for visitors and pictures depicting the sites.

Have information about what other activities are available in the area – hiking, camping, and hotel and inn accommodations.

3. What are the goals for the site?

Get individuals or groups to visit the national parks and monuments.

Get individuals to request information about the national parks and monuments and maybe to volunteer at the parks and monuments.

Give information about the Colorado parks and monuments.

4. How will

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