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Weiss Markets Statement of Cf

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Essay title: Weiss Markets Statement of Cf

i. Depreciation and amortization expense is included in the operating section of the cash flow statement because expense reduce net income and therefore must be added back to the net income amount.

ii. $72,759 used to purchase new equipment, located in the cash flow from operating activities section.

iii. $1,107 from the sale of equipment located in the cash flow from operating activities section.

iv. BV = 2,094 (original cost of equipment) - 1,569 (accumulated depreciation) = 529. Gain (loss) = 1,107 (proceeds from sale of equipment) - 529 (book value of equipment) = 582 (gain).

b. For the years 1993, 1994, and 1995 Weis Markets, Inc. has been able to steadily increase Net Income. Their net cash from operating activities has decreased between 1995 and 1994 but it is still at a reasonable level. However, their ability to generate cash has decreased, mostly because they purchased a large amount of treasury stock in 1995 and they also purchased a substantial amount of equipment.

c. Although their net cash flow at the end of the year was negative, according to their net income, their long term performance appears to be in good order. Their net income has steadily increased over the years and even though the cash at the end of the year has decreased

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