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What Are Business Operation Systems?

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Essay title: What Are Business Operation Systems?

What are business operation systems?

It is important for organization to have operating systems that will make them effective, reliable and efficient. This operating system which helps the organization to achieve its goals is known as Business systems. Some examples of business systems are as followed below:

• A procedure to evacuate people in case of fire

• A procedure which is followed when handling a customer complaint

• The techniques which are used to monitor sales income and costs

• The process of advertising for a new product

Business systems vary from each Leisure and recreation organization because no business is the same. Even if they use the same method of any business system, the end result will be specific to each business.

We have already known some examples of business systems. There are so many business system that an organization can choose to do it to help its business to success. These business systems can be categorize in three divisions as followed:

Administration systems - These are designed to ensure the smooth running of an organization, e.g. of administration systems would:

• Payroll

• Payments to suppliers

• Ordering of supplies

Communication systems – this is concerned with dealing with both internal and external customers to transfer one message across effectively. Examples of communication systems are:

• Handling customer complaints

• Inter-departmental meetings

• Telephone systems

Information processing systems – these systems provide that the information is made available fast and accurately. E.g.:

• Customer database

• Spreadsheets showing sales and expenditure forecasting

• Organization website

Functions of business systems

There are three basic functions of business systems that organization use for day to day basis.

To conduct business on a regular basis

• A booking systems for a Leisure and recreation center

• A cleaning system where staff have to clean/mob leisure center facilities or premises on certain time

To manage information and maintain records

• keep a customer record system

• accounts systems

• staff records

To support management decision taking

• planning the future direction of a business

• forecasting sales for future months and years

Organizations are made up of a system which moves/operates the business to its smooth running and initially to its goals and objectives. This business system covers all aspects of the organization operation from marketing o customer service.

Different Systems used in Leisure and Recreation Originations


Customer also has to follow a system when they are linked with a organization somehow. For example when customer book for a reservation they follow a system to book a hotel room. This include calling up the hotel call center, transferring their message across accurately and correctly in order to get a reservation.

There are complaints and feedback systems where if the customer has a complaint or a feedback for the organization due to for example, lack of good customer service. Using feedback organization can improve their performance and hence delivering good customer service. Customers also have their records in the organization which they have to provide for example, for joining a Leisure Centre they might have to give their name, address, and date of birth, gender etc, this usually is in kind of a form which they have to fill up.



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