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What Biology Means to Me

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Essay title: What Biology Means to Me

Biology is the study of life. Without biology, we would have no idea about an organism’s makeup, or the most basic unit of life, a cell. It plays a very important role in our lives. It teaches us how our body functions and how we can take care of it. You have a better overall view when you know all areas of academic study. Likewise, you get to know the scientific method. Biology influences me in many ways. Biology influences me by teaching me why to take care of the environment, why I am to take care of my body, and by giving me a better overall view of all scientific areas of study.

The first reason how biology influences me is that it motivates me to take care of the environment. It taught me the terrible effects of toxic waste on an ecosystem. According to the book Essential Biology, about 12% of all known bird species are endangered, one-third of vertebrates live on just 1.5% of Earth’s land, and an area the size of West Virginia is cut down in the rain forest every year. Figures like these are what motivate me to want to clean up the environment. Recycling, limiting waste production, and conserving electricity are some of the things Biology has given me the desire to perform.

The second reason how biology influences me is it reveals how my body works and why I am to take care of it. I learned why important things such

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