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Women in Today’s Society

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Essay title: Women in Today’s Society

Women have been fighting for the right to be viewed as equals through out history. During the struggle for civil rights among African Americans, women were there too fighting for their rights. So why when women finally start being viewed as equals do they react in the manner they have? Leonard Pitts Jr. the author of “What has happened to our Girls” has the right point of view. Women seemed to have lost all respect for themselves, all morals, and all intelligence in most cases. Not all women fit these characteristics but most do, in what could be viewed as a growing epidemic.

First of all, promiscuous behavior in women has spread like a plague. Restaurants like Hooters and Twin Peaks were made to make woman look like nothing but eye candy to the male customers. The girls who work there walk around wearing mini shorts and a shirt that barely covers their breasts. Outside the building it says “Great food, drinks, and scenic views,” and they aren’t speaking about the decor. Pitts says, “ If many girls value themselves little, many boys I think, value them less” and these establishments are a perfect example of that. Men typically aren’t going to respect a girl that presents herself in

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